Math Speed Drill

SpeedDrillWebBannerMath Speed Drill (for iOS)

Math Speed Drill is a fun, colorful, fast paced learning game for kids and adults of all ages.  It uses simple positive and encouraging methods to teach the basic math tables.

Is your child having problems with math?  With a little time playing this game every day, your kid will be a math whiz.

Speed Drill is appropriate for students from Kindergarden through 6th grade.  K-5’s can do simple addition problems with a +1 or +0.  1st and 2nd graders can work on addition and subtraction tables.  3rd or 4th graders can work on leaning their times tables one number at a time. 6th graders can do multiplication problems up to 15×15, or division problems up to 15’s.  Students automatically desire to earn coins on higher levels.  They will be self motivated to rank up.


Math Speed Drill is optimized for iOS8 and the new iPhone 6 and 6+.  It also looks great on iPads.

Note: this game has no currency.  The coins in this game are awards and are used to motivate players to collect coins by getting better scores. Coins are not used to purchase or unlock items or features.

Requires iOS 6.1
Version 1.0