Game Weasel

What is Game Weasel?

Game Weasel™ is our enhanced high score system and is a free service.

“What’s wrong with Game Center?” you might ask.  NOTHING!  We love Game Center and recommend that you use it for Sudoku Book and all your other games.  Game Center is your main place to see your overall high scores and to be able to compare your scores to your friends.  Game Weasel adds more detailed statistics.  With Game Weasel we can track 100’s or even 1000’s of game statistics and show you your world wide ranking in each category.  But most importantly, Game Weasel provides the detailed statistics and scores with rankings for Puzzle Book campaigns.  Each puzzle book that you download or purchase has it’s own leaderboard.

What other services does Game Weasel provide?

  • All of your Bad Weasel Game scores will be safely kept in the cloud.  If you reload an app or buy an new iPad or iPhone your scores are re-synced to your device.
  • If you play our games on more than one device, like an iPhone and an iPad, sign in on both devices and all of your scores will be combined and synced to both devices.
  • Game Weasel will attempt to locate and collate scores the may have been lost during use of Sudoku Book v2.
  • Sudoku Book 3 introduces Puzzle Books, which are downloadable mini-campaigns. Game Weasel provides leaderboards and rankings for Puzzle Book scores.
Game Weasel High Score screen

Please also read our Privacy Policy and the Game Weasel Terms of Service.